African brocades

Africa wears VEBA …..

VEBA developed African brocade mainly for the African continent. This is a unique jacquard product based on an extremely densely-set cotton fabric made from the finest yarns of Egyptian cotton. Part of the company know-how are African motives, specific bindings and above all special finishes the combination of which decides about the success of the offer and the position of the brocade in the market. The development of special finishes is a strong feature of the technology of company VEBA even in comparison with the highest competition.

White African Brocade is, in the final markets, in the countries of West Africa, further treated and tailored into traditional African apparel – the ceremonial agbada and the less formal caftan with elaborate ornaments and embroideries. Not only for the regions of European metropolis and Central Africa VEBA offers piece dyed and yarn dyed brocades.


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