About us

Company VEBA is a traditional producer of jacquard woven cotton fabrics and in this segment ranks to the most important manufacturers in the world. The company concentrates on the production of clothing and household textiles. It uses the state-of-the art textile technology of today and nearly 90% of its products are exported, mainly to Africa, Europe and North America. Top designers give VEBA products a high aesthetic quality in tune with today´s global trends.

Veba is a dynamic, growing and innovative company belonging to the elite of Czech exporters. It employs almost 800 people in the Broumov region and is technically and technologically on the level of the most advanced world competition.


Přadlácká 89
550 01 BROUMOV
Czech Republic

Call centre:
+420 491 502 300
(7:00-15:00 CET)


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