Technical textiles

VEBA Group also occupies with the research and development of 3D and multiaxial woven structures made of technical fibres. Jaquard technology enables us rich possibilities of designing in both 2D as well as 3D structures.

Multiaxial technology allows us to achieve multiaxial reinforcement and to apply embroidered effects in one step during weaving. Such a system can also be used to functionally create conductive tracks, local reinforcement and to obtain new utility properties by combining different materials – from cotton, viscose, PES to carbon, basalt, aramid…

Processing methods depend on particular applications.

Profiles & Beams

Unique in their complexity and providing stability in perpendicular as well as longitudinal direction, such 3D-structures interweave each plate with the entire piece. No glued joints – no delamination when stressed. One piece!


3D-structures formed in a single step bring benefit for systems where the transfer of force effect from one side to the other is required. This causes more efficient back-reaction by involving more distant structures which can consist of one or more layers. The layers can be interwoven either by single threads or lightened woven columns.

Hollow Fabrics
& Rib Plates

The in-one-step-created 3D structure brings benefits in tensile loads. Both the surface and the column are woven without interrupting the warp thread. Made either in one direction (flexible along the warp, and rigid along the weft or vice versa) or both perpendicular as well as longitudinal direction, the rib plates ensure that such 3D-structures then withstand tensile stress and do not collapse.

Special Forms

We are only limited by our imagination. We can weave conical shapes, tunnels in straight lines, curves, etc. Design possibilities are wide thanks to Jacquard weaving. A special creel guarantees the flexibility of change in material width. Always meeting requirements of a particular application, everything depends on the design of the shape as well as the material.

& Shieldings

Heating or electromagnetic shielding achieved by warp and weft can be suitably complemented with a multiaxial layer. This layer can be applied over the entire width of the fabric or just locally and copy a certain shape. The state-of-the-art technology allows to make tracks from various conductive and non-conductive materials.

Reinforcement & Stabilization

In order to achieve better results in multi-axis stress, the fabric layering method is used at different angles. Thanks to multiaxial weaving, this layer can be directly integrated into the base fabric and create „diagonals“ of different angles in the area while enabling to combine different materials by a suitable threading. There is no „double“ weight increase, moreover fabric compactness increases.


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